:?: looking for anyone that might have been at Fort Polk,La, around August thru late Sept of 1975, AIT Training For 11C MOS, Drll Instructor, was SSG Snyder, EX- SF, He alway's told us in training 11C Ride, 11B's Walk, But of couarse that was far from the truth WE ALL HUMPED!!!!!, My health is not the Best and my Wife is trying to Scrapbook my Training there! My EX- Wife DESTROYED all of my Graduation Book's, This of coarse is very important to me and my Family! Someone out there i HOPE can help!, I was very Lucky, and found an old Buddy from Basic, who was able to photo copy that Booklet!, But i really need to find someone who can help with the AIT, Information, Showing our Graduation, and as they say Turning BLUE, And being Qualified to wear Infantry Cord, and Blue Disc"s. Thank's Again Gregory D. Higgins