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Thread: AR-15 upper in 7.62x39 Russkie Q&A

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    AR-15 upper in 7.62x39 Russkie Q&A

    Happy New Year APO!

    Primary Arms is running sweet special on AR-15 upper in 7.62x39 Russkie with BCG at no charge.
    From Russkie mil surplus (and its dirty and corrosive primers) to decent "Red Army" and clean and pristine Hornady and other US-made ammo, 7.62x39 is here to stay.
    Moreover, x-comblock (Russia and few of its allies) are way up on on it, as efficiency of 5.45x39 came into question during its 'Stan and late Chechnya/ Caucasus anti-terror campaigns, specifically within the certain ranges and situations.

    Without stepping into the ever-evolving builds (starting with dedicated AK lower): does anyone have experience (direct or indirect: own rig or used someone's) with use of existing AR-15 lower with AR-patterned mags, profiled for 7.62x39?
    Obviously, I'm not a cherry to the "rock'n'lock" AK mags, but got too spoiled by STANAGs

    There are few threads on other forums (not pimping though), which most are quite encouraging. But as always as with "forum warriors", some truths and opinions might be "stretched"; therefore, I'd rather hear it from the Real McCoys of this "true and tried" forum.

    Any opinion is greatly appreciated.
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    No experience, watching the thread.....
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