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Thread: Costco Wool Hiking Socks, 4 pr/$10

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    Default Costco Wool Hiking Socks, 4 pr/$10

    Some time ago, I started wearing SmartWool hiking socks... felt really good, lots of padding for my ex-groundpounder ailments, and all the benefits of wool. But the damn things cost $17 a pair.

    Enter Costco -- every fall/winter they have packs of 4 pair of wool hiker socks for a few pennies under $10, and I'm hard-pressed to spot too much difference between them and SmartWools except the brand missing. Just about every time I walk in the store I come out with a package or two. I've got socks stacked up, waiting for the others to wear out. Each package comes with two pair in light "gunmetal" grey, one pair light denim-ish blue, and one pair darkish brown. They fit well, feel good after a long day on my feet, don't wear out quick even in work or hiking boots, and I live in them year round.

    I've seen a lot of stories on the web about how soldiers on duty in Iraq and A'stan wear out their socks fast, and would like folks to send replacements. I was wondering about how tight-assed the Army had gotten with color requirements (hell, if you can buy your own boots, body-armor and rucksack, you think they'd let you wear denim blue socks under your boots and pants legs. I'm pretty sure they could get away with the brown ones, and have considered asking if Costco couldn't get their supplier to make up special packs of all brown for sale to GIs and folks who want to send them to the teams overseas. The packages are Kirkland brand, Costco's own, so they ought to have some pull and control. Anybody got an answer for me about acceptability?
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