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Thread: Coins

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    Got mine the other day, thanks Fred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Standing Ready View Post
    Displayed a couple in the Riverside Saloon and across the street at the American Legion.
    Well boys and girls, not sure how to say this gently, but the owner of the above-mentioned Saloon returned the framed coins to me on Wednesday night. Said she didn't understand their meaning and didn't want them in her bar.

    I explained to her that the folks I had been bringing in there for several weekends were members of The Paratrooper Association. She said she hadn't met them.

    Now folks, I just found out this lady has set up an elaborate remote video and audio system in her bar that allows her to listen in and watch everything from the comfort of her home.

    I ripped the frame open and presented both the owner and the bartender with coins and left the building.

    I am starting a thread in the back room about the consequences of her actions.
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