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... fighting off giant mosquitoes in a place called Phuc Yoo.
I have been to a similar place at a different time, along the Rio Grande River. Those dudes are tiger striped and mean business.

I was armed with a General Motors Hydramatic M-16 with seven 30 rounders, a 50's era Colt 1911, a S&W model 66, and an issued S&W model 686 with two speed loaders and a twelve loop full of Super Cool Lone Ranger Looking .357 magnum Winchester Silvertips. I was protected by a Kevlar helmet, a Kevlar flak vest, and an issued Kevlar vest.

I was only allowed, by policy, to wear a short sleeved shirt.

I waited for three hours in a hole on the edge of a trail, covered by a small piece of camo net. My arms turned black with mosquitoes; so many I had to take my hand and wipe them for noise discipline purposes.

I finally got what I came for; the first dope seizure of my current career. I learned two lessons.

Always wear long sleeves. Learn to lighten your load a little.