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Soldier Says Weekly Standard Defamed Her

FAIRFAX, VA. (CN) - The Weekly Standard defamed a soldier in an article that claimed she was booted from U.S. Special Forces training for cheating, and falsely reported that she "never spent a day in an actual Special Forces unit," Kathleen Wilder claims in Fairfax County Court. Wilder, who says she is the first and only women to earn a green beret, demands punitive damages from the magazine and its writer, Michael Fumento.

Wilder says the allegedly defamatory article was published on March 5, 2007, under the headline, "The Democrats' Special Forces Fetish."

She claims the article falsely reported that during her final week of training in 1980 "'she and two male students were caught caching their rucksacks. That is, she and her compatriots were not carrying the rucksacks as required by the instructors, but hiding them to pick up at a later time and date. ... All three were dropped from the course, ostensibly for cheating."

Wilder says she "was not dropped from the program for cheating." She says she was "the improper target of a false accusation which was thoroughly investigated and discredited."

Wilder claims the Standard falsely reported that "the only green beret ever awarded to a woman came from a judge." She says she won her beret after an investigation by Gen. Donn Starry, Commander of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, who "concluded that the Plaintiff had been subjected to material unfairness when she was declared a nongraduate and that she deserved to graduate. The decision to overturn the decision of the Director of the Special Forces School did not come from a court or a judge, as stated and published by the Defendants, but from a superior commander as a result of a thorough investigation."

Her complaint continues: "In the article, the Defendants falsely stated that the Plaintiff 'never spent a day in an actual Special Forces unit."

Wilder says, "The Plaintiff spent four years in Special Forces and two of those years were spent with the 5th Special Forces Group."
Now for those not familiar...

Wilder is allegedly the only female to have ever been given a certificate of completion for Special Forces, or for that matter been allowed to attend the school. This happened in the 80s.

Basically it was a mistake compounded by her conduct, which led to a court trial. This led to a bigger mistake made in an attempt to put the first mistake behind and close the incident forever. Of course there's more detail but I don't have the time for it right now.

Long story short she earned nothing and does not have the respect of the people who would have been her peers if she'd earned anything.

Recently Wilder has been getting political and touting her career in the Special Forces.

No shit the QPs have been watching this develop for some time. Now with this going to court it should get very interesting.