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What is all about?

apo crest Ever since I separated from the Army, and specifically the Airborne community, I found that I missed the comraderie and fellowship that I had while on active duty with my fellow Airborne troopers. To help remedy this, I began looking for ways to reconnect with my fellow Paratroopers. I found that one common trait I shared with other "civilianized" Paratroopers was the yearning to be once again amongst brothers. For those that have not earned the silver wings, it is a brotherhood that you cannot understand. Civilian life is often irritating because of the whiny attitudes and weak minded type of people that is frequently encountered among legs. The brotherhood is something that cannot be explained in words, but can only be known through the experience of living the life of a Paratrooper. The bond between brothers of the silk is special indeed. Along my journey to reconnect with the Airborne community, I found a few outlets that linked me up with other Paratroopers, and although I believed I had found what I had been looking for, sadly it ended up I had not. I decided that the only way I could find what I was looking for was to create one myself. This was the birth of Here you will find a place where you can link up with old friends and meet new ones. Here is a haven, created BY Paratroopers and FOR Paratroopers. Here you can escape the politically correct bullshit and tell it like it is. This is not the only objective for, however. When I joined the military, I really had no idea what it was about, what to expect, or how to go about it. Although I come from a military family, I had to rely solely on my recruiter for information and guidance, which wasn't the best plan of attack. The other main purpose of this community is to help people that are looking to serve their country by joining a branch of the armed forces. Here future troops can gain insight, have questions answered, and generally gain knowledge of what their commitment involves. This will help to ensure that they know exactly what they are looking for in their enlistment contract, know exactly what they are getting in it, and be able to put their best foot forward in their military career. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

The Webmaster

webmaster I come from a family with an honored lineage of military service. Included, my grandfather on my mother's side served in the Army and also saw combat in the Korean War. My grandfather on my father's side retired from the Air Force and also served in the Vietnam War. My mother and my father both served in the Army, and my father is a Desert Storm veteran. My brother is a an active duty Paratrooper, and has multiple tours supporting Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan. After graduating from high school, I entered the United States Army in 1996 as a 31S (SATCOM Operator/Maintainer). During AIT, the liasion from the 82nd Airborne Division came and talked to us about being Airborne. At the end of his briefing he asked for volunteers to become Paratroopers. Before that day, I did not know much about the Airborne life. After that day, I began my journey to become a Brother of the Silk. Upon graduation from AIT, I reported to BAC at the end of August 1997. In the middle of September, I made my 5th exit of a high performance aircraft and shortly thereafter received my wings. I reported to Ft. Bragg and the 82nd Replacement Detachment where I was assigned to the (then) new EFOG-M unit in Division. Unfortunately for me, there were no slots in the MTOE for my MOS and since 82nd Signal Bn was full, I went to the other end of Ardennes St. to the 35th Signal Brigade. I was further assigned to the 514th Sig Co (LRE), where I would spend the rest of my military career. On December 19th, 2000, I injured my back on an Airborne operation for Venezuelan jump wings, which would ultimately lead to my medical discharge in January of 2002. Currently I am a college student, pursuing an MBA in Finance. I continue to be a part of the Airborne community as the vice chairman of the Alamo Chapter, 82nd Airborne Division Association.